A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Cielo is a 3v3 fast-paced Arena Shooter. Get ready to dominate the arena by blasting your opponents out of it in visceral battles on the floating islands of the post-apocalyptic world of Cielo.

Be a champion of peace wielding weapons of magic, fighting to protect your homeland as a Cieloan or 

wield the sword of vengeance for the conquering forces of the Travelers. Use their weapons of science to capture Cielo for their survival. 

What will be your destiny ?

❖ Features ❖

⬥Fluid movement

⬥Unique character abilities and an array of weapons to choose from.

⬥Fast paced multiplayer Arena shooter reminiscent of old school shooters like quake and unreal tournament. 

Combining Smash brothers life mechanics, you will have to push other players out of the arena to kill them, damage makes your meter go up, the higher the meter the more knockback you receive.

❖ Team❖

David de la Peña Frigolet (david.dlpf@gmail.com)

 Level Designer / Project Manager

Arvin David Vinodh Kumar (arvindavidson@gmail.com)

 Level Designer / Sound Designer

Shreyas Babu (shreyas.babu28@gmail.com )

 Gameplay / AI Programmer

Prashat Gajre (prashatgajre@gmail.com)

 Generalist Programmer(Systems, Networking, Tools)

Melanie Kay Ramos (ramosme@sheridancollege.ca)

 Character Artist / Narrative

Inasa Tom Nguyen (inatanofficial@hotmail.com)

 Environmental Artist

Install instructions

This is a PvP multiplayer game, gather 2-6 of your friends and battle each other !

Host a game:

Go to Play>Online>Host Game> enter a room name >select a game mode>select a map.

Join a Game:

Go to Play>Online>Join Game>join any hosted game and enjoy !


cielo-windows 638 MB
Version 52 Aug 28, 2020
cielo-MacOSX 640 MB
Version 2 Aug 17, 2020

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